Inventions or Discoveries

by Sankalan Baidya

Great minds have time and again come out and discovered and invented things that have made our lives simple.

Not just that, they have given things that have allowed us to become the supreme race on this Earth.

We are all aware of many inventions but who invented what? Do you know all? Through this quiz on inventions or discoveries find out how much you know.

Even better, you can play this quiz with your family or friends and even in your school or college! Let’s begin…

This is a timed quiz. You will be given 360 seconds to answer all questions. Are you ready?


Who is the one who discovered the radioactive element, Radium?

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Marie Curie along with her husband Pierre Curie discovered Radium on 26th of December, 1898. The couple also discovered another radioactive element, Polonium. The couple is also responsible for the coining of term “radioactivity”.

Who invented the “coffee filter”?

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Melitta Bentz, a housewife, was not happy with the percolators used back then. She tried to form a new filter and eventually succeeded in making one by using blotting paper from her son’s exercise book and brass pot with a hole. She invented coffee filter in the year 1908.

Who was responsible for building the first working, programmable and electromechanical computer?

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The first programmable computer, Z1 was built by Konrad Zuse, a German, between the years 1936 to 1938. It was considered to be the first “functional modern computer” and first “electromechanical and binary programmable computer”.

Who invented safety break which is used to stop elevator from crashing?

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Elisha Graves Otis invented the safety break at around 1840’s to 1850’s. He was also responsible for the invention of steam plow in the year 1857, rotary oven (1858), and along with Charles he invented oscillating steam engine (1860).

X-rays was discovered by whom?

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Wilhelm Röntgen, a German physics professor, accidentally discovered X-rays, while experimenting Crookes tubes and Lenard tubes (electrically discharged tubes). He discovered X-rays on 8th November, 1895.

Who invented mobile phone?

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Martin Cooper, an American engineer, invented mobile phone 3 April, 1973. He worked for Motorola company. Motorola company was the first one to introduce a handheld phone or a mobile phone.

Windshield wipers were introduced by whom and in which year? (Select Two Answers)

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In 1903, Mary Anderson observed a trolley car driver struggling to focus on the road because of the falling sleet. She then hired a designer and asked a local company to produce windshield wiper. She applied for patent and got the patent for 17 years.

Who invented the telephone?

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Though credits to invention is controversial, the first patent was given to Alexander Graham Bell and hence it is generally considered that Alexander Graham Bell invented telephone. The patent was given by USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) in March, 1876.

Who invented disposable diapers?

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Marion Donovan, a housewife, was the one who invented disposable diapers in the year 1946. She used shower curtain plastic over the conventional diaper made of cloth and called it “boater”. She also invented paper diapers which we still can see in the form of Pampers diapers. She belonged to USA.

Who discovered Penicillin and saved millions and billions of lives all over the world?

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A Scottish scientist, Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin on 28th September 1928. The discovery was accidental. A petri dish containing Staphylococci was left open and was contaminated by a blue green alga. This blue green alga produced a mold and around it was a halo of occupied bacterial growth. Fleming concluded that mold released some chemical (Penicillin) and hence the bacteria was killed.

American inventor, businessman, and industrialist, Samuel Colt, invented which one of the following?

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Colt, from the tender age of 15, started working on the designs of revolver. He eventually got the patent on 29th of August, 1836. He then formed a company called Colt's Patent Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company (now called the Colt’s Manufacturing Company) in 1855. He literally had the monopoly of manufacturing revolvers in the USA till 1857.

Nikola Tesla who was an inventor, electrical and mechanical engineer, and a famous futurist, invented which of the following?

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Nikola Tesla was responsible for the invention of AC or Alternating Current. He actually developed an induction motor which ran on AC. Earlier to this invention, DC or Direct Current was used and which is far more dangerous than AC. He got the patent in the year 1888. It is interesting to note that all our electrical and electronic appliances run on AC.

Eli Whitney’s invention was a crucial invention during industrial revolution and helped in improving the economy of Southern United States (then called Antebellum South). Which of the following did he invent?

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Eli Whitney invented the Cotton Gin. He also invented many household devices which were greatly helpful. The word gin is the short form of engine. A cotton gin can clean 25 kilograms of cotton. He got the patent on 14th March, 1794.

Henry Ford, an American inventor and businessman, the founder of Ford Motor Company invented which one of the following?

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Henry Ford didn’t really invent the assembly line but he sponsored for the development of assembly line so that mass production of the cars could become a reality. He manufactured first automobile that middle class citizens of United States of America could afford.

One of the founding fathers of USA, Benjamin Franklin invented which one of the following?

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Bifocals are a type of optical glasses which have two different optical powers. Franklin suffered from presbyopia (inability to see anything close and written in small font). To tackle his presbyopia condition, he invented bifocals in the year 1784.

Samuel Morse, famous painter and inventor, was responsible for which of the inventions? (There are two correct answers)

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Samuel Morse invented single wire telegraph which revolutionized the long-distance communication in the year 1832. He was responsible for the invention of Morse code as well which is the primary language in telegraphy worldwide.

An American blacksmith and founder of Deere & Company, John Deere invented which one of the following?

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In 1837 John Deere invented steel plows when the wooden plows were breaking because of the presence of a different type of soil in Middle-West. He invented it in Grand Detour, Illinois.

Philip Diehl, a German-American engineer and inventor was responsible for which of the inventions?

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An organic chemist, Stephanie Kwolek, invented which one of the following?

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Stephanie Kwolek invented Kevlar in the year 1965. Kevlar is an extremely strong but lightweight fabric which is five times stronger than steel. Bulletproof jackets and other safety applications use Kevlar.

Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, professor in MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and University of Oxford, was responsible for the which of the inventions?

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Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee was responsible for the invention of World Wide web in the year 1989. He is the founder of World Wide Web Foundation and director of World Wide Web Consortium.

People and Their Inventions or Discoveries
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